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Try UXM a digital user experience monitoring and analytics
platform. Accelerate problem resolution and optimize
network and infrastructure performance, customer
and employee experience – whether onsite or remote.
Get total visibility across your SaaS, web apps , desktop apps, collaboration apps,
desktop endpoints, virtual endpoints, hybrid cloud and connectivity.
UXM changes the rules of front-end user experience monitoring by being able to cope with applications and technologies that traditionally have been extremely expensive or impossible to track.

UXM provides real-time understanding of how your customers and users experience the many websites, enterprise applications, SaaS services, VDI technologies such as Citrix and even critical collaboration platforms such as Teams, Skype, and SharePoint needed to get things done.

Measuring and reporting application response times from the end-user perspective is vital in validating application performance. It is the foundation for quantifiable management of IT service level agreements and IT service management. Without an accurate understanding of the application performance from the end-user perspective, IT departments will work less effectively due to having difficulty quickly finding and fixing problems experienced by customers and workforce end-users.

The UXM digital user experience monitoring platform has been specifically designed to support the requirements of large-scale complex enterprise IT environments, supporting the complete management of customer and workforce digital experience monitoring.

The UXM platform is a modern monitoring solution architecture delivering everything from data collection, analytics, reporting and alerting to efficiently help improve overall digital user experience for all your application services.
It manages the data collection and aggregation of real-time data from all of your digital customers and workforce endpoints, facilitates automated processing that scales to thousands of endpoints, and provides expert analytics for instant visibility and continuous improvement.​
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Users - whether customers or workforce - are key to any IT department. UXM focuses on the end user experience of all application services both for the customers and workforce of an enterprise. Based on lightweight agent collectors installed on the application servers or on workforce endpoint devices UXM can measure meaningful application business transaction activities, any device performance metric and application logs.
Data is centrally collected and processed though real time performance expert analytics. Aggregated for high level executive reporting and high detail diagnosis level analysis UXM portal provides executives, operations teams and support with the visibility and intelligence they need to efficiently manage the entire IT performance experience for its customers and workforce users.​​
UXM delivers the following key business benefits:
  • Ensure customer and workforce productivity by proactively monitoring application performance and availability from the user perspective​
  • Monitor the impacts of application and IT infrastructure changes on application performance from the user perspective
  • Measure and validate application service levels from the user perspective
  • Identify, diagnose and restore application service problems faster thus preventing user's call for help
  • Predict application performance from the user perspective prior to production deployment
UXM is a modern monitoring solution for alerting and monitoring the end-user performance experience on all your digital application services.
UXM delivers the following key technical benefits:
  • A fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) via cloud or as an on-premise installation
  • Lightweight agents for data collection that are centrally managed via web console
  • Supported platforms for both real-user & synthetic monitoring:
  • ​​Any web browser application e.g. Office365 , Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SharePoint or custom build
  • Any Windows desktop application e.g. Office365, .NET, Java, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or custom build
  • Voice/Video e.g. Teams or Skype for Business
  • Virtual application or desktop e.g. Citrix, RDS or VMware
  • Application APIs
  • Configurable endpoint device resource monitoring and event log data collection  
  • Automatic analytics reporting based on IT performance expert knowledge and big data machine learning
  • All reporting is available via a web portal or mobile app (Android or IOS) providing highly customizable dashboards of all collected metrics
  • The solution can provide proactive alerting to let you know if performance problems occur. The solution also delivers standard integration into support systems like ex. ServiceNow
  • Subscription-based, pay-as-you-go pricing​​​
UXM combines real user (RUM) and synthetic transaction monitoring (STM) with data extracted from multiple sources to provide a rich 360-degree view of modern and traditional applications. UXM has become incredibly flexible and we are confident it can cope with even the most demanding front-end monitoring and reporting requirements.
Here are some example use cases to help illustrate what UXM has to offer:
Any web application
UXM provides the ability to monitor the full range of web-based applications and services including the latest dynamic Single-Page-Application (SPA) implementations.


Any rich-client or desktop application
UXM allows you to track key user journeys and transactions for any rich client or desktop application. UXM ensures you can support any bespoke custom build software or commercial off-the-shelf application.

Any SaaS application
UXM can monitor third party applications such as Salesforce, SharePoint Online or ServiceNow even without the ability to add monitoring code.

Office 365 monitoring
UXM can monitor the availability and performance of all Office 365 components including Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Teams.

Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business monitoring
UXM supports cloud and desktop implementations, tracking the user experience of not just the web interface but the quality of all audio and video connections. UXM automatically applies Microsoft best practices, highlighting where and why audio and video connections fall outside of acceptable limits.
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Microsoft Dynamics
UXM allows you to define and monitor your most important key user journeys.

Citrix monitoring
UXM combines Citrix server and network metrics with the performance of applications as experienced by each user, allowing you to track the quality of service being provided. UXM provides a detailed understanding of how well Citrix infrastructure is supporting your users, highlighting resource bottlenecks and any latency problems. UXM shows a geographical picture of application performance by user, making it easy to show which users are suffering from a poor service and need help.

SAP monitoring
UXM allows you to monitor SAP clients and the user experience of all your SAP users.


Windows Client monitoring
UXM allows you to deploy a lightweight agent onto each user device via Microsoft SCCM or similar. The UXM agent records both the health of the PC and the performance of any applications and services used by the user. UXM provides proactive insights into the health of all PCs and the speed of applications, services running on them and events like application crashes/hangs. UXM can use its detailed knowledge of all the application software being used on each PC to provide usage information across an organisation.
Our Story

UXM is a Nordic based company that develops innovative Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions for any end-user application service. Built-on automation and advanced analytics UXM delivers the visibility needed to effectively manage the end-user performance experience of today’s dynamic applications across the life cycle. Founded by IT monitoring veterans, UXM provides true advanced data analytics powered DEM to help organizations deliver high performance applications today and in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world class provider of digital end-user experience monitoring solutions for any application service at reasonably prices. We strongly believe in long-term partnerships and we work hard to deliver projects on-time, on budget and above customer expectations.


UXM is a real-time monitoring technology solution that helps IT teams run operations smoothly by identifying any vulnerabilities that contribute to outages, downtime, or disruptions to the user experience, such as slow page load times, and assessing the root cause of issues that affect performance.


Tel: +45 4541 4077
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Hørsholm, DK-2970 Denmark

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