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Distribute UXM Web Edge (Chromium) extension


1. Windows - Distribute via Group Policy (GPO)

Download and install the Edge Administrative Templates from here:

Requires UXM Desktop Agent version 2022.08.01 or higher, use Chrome browser extension for older versions of UXM:

Modify "Control which extensions are installed silently" under Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Template * -> Microsoft Edge -> Extensions

Set it to enabled and add our extension to the list of forced extensions, our UXM Web extension is called: oogjkalcgchmkcgndcdchdkcheoahepd;

And modify "Control which native messaging hosts users can use" under Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Template * -> Microsoft Edge -> Native Messaging

Value to add: com.uxmapp.chromium.nativemessagehost

Extension will be install on the Active Directory joined machines next time they synchronize GPO settings, you can force the synchronization by executing gpupdate /force in a elevated cmd prompt on the domain joined client machine.

2. Windows - Distribute via Azure Intune

3. Windows - Adding the extension manually

Requires that the UXM Desktop agent is installed.


1. macOS - Distribute via JAMF

2. macOS - Distribute via Intune

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